World Patient Safety Day

Health and care providers and commissioners are working together to make Salford the safest health and social care system in the UK by 2022. In recognition of World Patient Safety day, we’re asking you to speak up for patient safety.

What is patient safety?

Patient safety is the avoidance of harm to a patient within the health and social care system.

What is World Patient Safety day?

The first World Patient Safety is being launched today, Tuesday 17 September, by the World Health Organisation to create awareness of patient safety and encourage global commitment to making healthcare safer.

An update on where we’re up to…

Here at Safer Salford, we’ve been learning from the latest thinking about safety in health and care, which has been informed by the Measuring and Monitoring of Safety Framework (Vincent et al, 2013).

We’re excited to announce the launch of our new roadmap, which details the journey we are taking to make Salford the safest health and care economy in the UK. The interactive summary covers how we are doing so far, and how we’re progressing towards our goal.

Click here to view the roadmap.