World Patient Safety Day 2020

Health and care providers and commissioners are working together to make Salford the safest health and social care economy in the UK.

Today is the second year we have come together globally to mark World Patient Safety Day. This year, the focus is on health worker safety as a priority for patient safety. The day aims to raise awareness of patient safety, enhance understanding and encourage action to promote patient safety.

An update on where we’re up to…

Here at Safer Salford  we are working hard on our improvement programme on a number of priorites: medicines, leadership, handover, general practice and care homes.

We’re excited to share a number of infographic videos to showcase our achievements and work so far to improve safety.

We are also pleased to share our latest poster, that has been developed to showcase the Safer Salford programme, achievements and next steps.

You can view the poster here.

Watch the animations:

Safer Medicines

Safer Leadership 

Safer Handover

Safer General Practice 

Safer Care Homes

We still have work to do… 

Working in the area of safety at a system level, we are aspiring to learn and build on any positives that can be taken from the truly awful and in some cases life-changing experiences of COVID-19. 

Rachel Volland, Programme Lead, highlights the importance of always listening and working alongside/with patients, carers, clients and family members affected in particular in times of challenge and the unknown.

This learning will continue to support improvements in a range of areas including Care Homes, Domiciliary Care and General Practice.