Our Safer Leadership programme has developed and worked with partners to inspire leaders across Salford to think and act differently to bring about city wide change.

Using the Measurement and Monitoring of Safety Framework, a cohort of leaders from across health and social care provider and commissioning services came together for a number of learning sessions. Leaders came together to explore how the framework related in different settings and to the transformation towards integrated care. Leaders explored safety through the lenses of past, present and future.

Senior and executive leaders are committed to continue to collaborate and share learning. This programme explored the skills and structures required to lead change at a system level and will continue to facilitate knowledge exchange and idea development.

Delivery of the Safer Leadership programme is supported by funding from the Health Foundation as part of a partnership project to share learning from use of the Measurement and Monitoring of Safety Framework in practice.

We continue to build relationships across the Safer Salford partnership to change how we think, so we can change how we act!