At any given time, approximately 1,400 residents live in residential, nursing, specialist and mental health care homes across Salford. These homes support residents to live fulfilling lives whilst interacting with multiple services within our health and social care system.

Our shared goal is to provide quality for residents in care homes in Salford, working collaboratively to develop improvements. The Salford Care Homes Excellence Programme (SCHEP) is a community of practice bringing together care homes and health and care professionals to improve residents quality of life. Our work is guided by our residents, with improvements supporting the following outcomes for residents:

  • I am supported to lead a positive and meaningful life
  • I feel safe and will be kept free from harm
  • I am involved in decisions about me and care provided will meet my needs

As part of our Care Homes Excellence Programme, we have held 8 events to focus on different priorities and focus areas. Find out more about the programme and events here. 

Watch the videos below to find out more about our Safer Care Homes work

Key Resources 

Glimpses of Brilliance 

  • Pimp my zimmer: Reducing harm from falls – Read here
  • Pen Pals: tackling loneliness and building friendships – Read here
  • Ice cream cart: engaging residents in their food choices – Read here 
  • PPE: Keeping residents safe during COVID-19 – Read here 
  • Letters home: tackling social isolation – Read here
  • Commemorative Coins: thank you to staff – Read here
  • Beenstock Brunch: engaging food choices and social interaction – Read here
  • Race Day: giving residents independence back – Read here 
  • Grease party: bringing fun, laughter and excitement – Read here 

Latest Updates

  • Salford Care Homes Improvement Journey shortlisted for HSJ Award – Read more