Lived Experience

Salford is looking to improve the health and social care services they provide utilising the expertise of a volunteer Lived Experience Panel.  Safer Salford, through the Advancing Quality Alliance (aqua), is supporting this work.

Working alongside patients, volunteers, and staff, lived experience panel members will influence and shape the quality agenda both strategically and locally.



What do we mean by lived experience?

People with experience of living with, or caring for someone with health/care needs are an invaluable resource to health and social care quality improvement work. They not only bring a personal perspective of living with or supporting someone with health needs but can also offer many other skills, challenge and experiences. Their perspective and experience of services is real and honest. Involvement of people with lived experience of these services is essential in making improvements.

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Example: This short video shows the work of the Aqua lived experience panel

What do lived experience panel members do?

  • Take an active role as a member of quality improvement programmes
  • Participate in quality improvement training
  • Promote and deliver a person centred approach to all health and social care improvement
  • Ensure the person, carer and family perspective is integral in all quality improvement work


What do we offer you?

  • Support you to develop your leadership, influencing and decision making skills
  • Provide you with individual support in the form of mentor (buddy)
  • Quality improvement training
  • Be honest and open when we are unable to meet deadlines
  • Provide reasonable out of pocket expenses

Want to find out more about how you can get involved? Please complete our short form!

What experience do you need?

You will need to have recent experience of the health and social care system, whether this is as an adult with health and care needs, family member, or as an individual who cares for someone with health and care needs. You will be committed to improving the NHS, social care and its services. You must be willing and able to reflect and represent the different views and diversity of patients / users with different conditions and from different backgrounds.


What do we expect of you?

A lived experience panel member is asked to follow a number of principles.

  • Able to take a step back from your emotional issues and provide the group with an objective view wherever possible
  • Use the findings from engagement with the wider public and outputs from quality improvement working groups
  • Be committed to equality and diversity and value the contribution of people from different communities
  • Always consider the needs of people with protected characteristics
  • Represent the organisation in a positive and professional manner
  • Respect other staff and accept others’ views, even when you don’t agree with them