Perspectives On Safety: Salford Residents

Partners across Salford have developed a clear vision: for Salford to be the safest health and care economy in the UK. Along this journey, we have been taking steps to gather learning and begin to test ideas for how we might reach this goal. The Salford Citizens Panel Event, hosted by Salford Clinical Commissioning Group (Salford CCG), was a fantastic opportunity to gain a greater understanding of how our residents and patients view safety in health and care.


Over 100 people from across Salford attended the Citizens Panel, all wanting to hear more about what is going in Salford, and to take the opportunity to express their views. It can be challenging to ask for feedback, particularly when this may be criticism, but we know that involving and listening to patients is absolutely critical to become a safe health economy. We were especially keen to update on three important programmes, Safer Care Homes, Safer Handovers and Safer Medicines (follow the links for more information), and hear resident’s experiences of these areas.


Group discussions unearthed a number of examples of excellent care, however residents outlined an equal number of examples of when they didn’t feel safe. These ranged from seemingly simple things, like not receiving a discharge letter or a follow up appointment within an expected timeframe, to the more complex, such as inappropriate staffing mix. It is reassuring to hear that the views of patients echo views being expressed by clinicians – this shows that our system is already listening to the needs and experiences of residents. However, we need to address problems and perceptions head on if we are to meet our aim.


This was a great opportunity to hear from and engage with a small group of Salford residents, and we hope to do much more of this in the future. In the words of one attendee:

“[this event shows] that Salford CCG and people can talk together openly”


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