Live event blog: Salford Care Homes Excellence Programme

Welcome to the live blog for the Salford Care Homes Excellence Programme event – taking place today!


Over 30 of Salford’s care home managers have been invited to attend the second event in this innovative programme at Haelo HQ, Salford Quays.

Facilitated by Katharine Goldthorpe Haelo’s Director of Improvement, today’s event will encourage Care home managers to challenge existing norms.


We’re starting the day with a warm welcome from Katharine Goldthorpe, making sure all of our care home representatives get to know each other.




Reflecting back on the first event, Katharine is discussing the importance of focusing on our success;

Focus on what we’re doing right, spreading that, and learning from it.

Small steps of change, to ensure that fails are small and successes can grow. This will ensure a much more productive way of working.


Glimpses of brilliance keep us learning and growing, driving improvement through a whole system or organisation.


Attendees have been identifying their Glimpses of Brilliance over the last six months, and posting them on our board!



We now welcome Keith Darragh, Director of Adult Social Care at Salford Care Organisation and Francine Thorpe, Director of Quality and Innovation at Salford CCG.

Keith begins by explaining Salford Together’s aims for Salford:

  1. Better health and social care outcomes
  2. Improved experience for service users and carers
  3. Reduced health and social care costs across Salford

Their core belief is centered around the intrinsic link between getting it right for a person, and seeing the system improve.

People outcomes = System benefits

Francine then goes on to discuss the importance of making sure the glimpses of brilliance that we see happen sustainably and regularly across care homes.



Our third session of the day is led by Hayley Moore and Amanda Jones, Inspection Managers at Care Quality Commission.

Attendees are looking at different key lines of enquiry in ‘safe’ and discussing the characteristics of these.

Focusing on ‘what does good look like?’ has allowed attendees to share ideas and best practice amongst care homes.



Our afternoon kicks off with Jo Evans, Senior Improvement Advisor from Haelo asking ‘what is a system?’

A system is a network of interdependent components that work together to try to accomplish the aim of the system

With each care home being it’s own system, discussions are flowing. Looking at the purpose of a system, the people involved, and how we would know if a system is performing.


This takes us on to social systems. You can map social systems and the relationships within that. Jo talks us through her own social system; how she interacts with family, friends, people she knows, and people she doesn’t.

Groups then begin to look at how we can map the social system around a care home.

Jo reminds attendees that we want the Salford Care Homes Excellence Programme to facilitate communications amongst your systems to enable improvements.


The final session of the day is facilitated by Katharine Goldthorpe, with Francine Thorpe and Keith Darragh leading discussions.

Our focus is on how we can move forward into the next phase of improvement. Key themes from the day have been gathered to identify which improvement projects could have the biggest impact.

Attendees have then been working to identify who will need to be involved in these projects through the creation of a social system map.

After a successful event, the team will begin work on improvement plans with a view to re-group in a few weeks to discuss progress.

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