Safer Salford is a well-established multi-year ambitious improvement programme founded in 2016.

It is a partnership between Aqua and Greater Manchester Integrated Care (Salford), and delivered in collaboration with local health and social care partners.

It drives continuous improvement in the quality and safety of health and social care, underpinned by collaboration, coproduction, and quality improvement.

Safer Salford’s guiding principles are to: 

  • Work collaboratively
  • Involve people with lived experience  
  • Use data and intelligence to inform decision making  
  • Be informed and driven by the latest research and thinking in patient safety 
  • Use evidence-based improvement approaches

Safer Salford was inspired by the Measuring and Monitoring of Safety Framework – a way of approaching safety that kick started the delivery of many national strategies including the NHS patient safety strategy, the Health and Social Care integration white paper and annual NHS and social care operational planning guidance.

Our work is reviewed, and priorities agreed annually by the leadership team from the Salford system.

Our programme includes: 

  • Population health and health inequalities 
  • Quality and safety in general practice  
  • Quality and safety in the adult care sector 
  • Capability building for clinical and non-clinical staff, with a focus on quality improvement (QI), leadership development and integrated working  

You can find out more about the impact of our work from Our Latest Resources and Case Studies, and by following us on Twitter @SaferSalford.