Glimpses of Brilliance: Letters Home

Social isolation and loneliness is a problem which affects both care home residents, and their loved ones. The actions of one nurse at Barton Brook has brought families closer together.

As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, care homes are on full lockdown to prevent the spread of infection, meaning that only essential visitors are allowed to enter the building. The team at Barton Brook home in Salford were aware of how important it is to remind their resident’s families that they are missed and thought of, and that their loved ones are being cared for and comforted during these difficult times.

“not being able to see one another has had a massive impact on our residents and their families”.

Leah, Staff Nurse, Barton Brook Care Home

What was the idea?

To write a short poem to remind their resident’s families that they had not been forgotten. Use of a rainbow reminds people that after the storm comes a rainbow.

What happened as a result?

Each card was posted to their resident’s next of kin with a new photograph of their loved on to show that they were safe and being cared for. The care home received one reply from a family member:

Thank you enormously for the card with the apt poem and picture

Relative of a resident at Barton Brook

What did you learn for the future?

That in difficult times, a little kindness goes a long way.

The poem “stay safe”

Along came a virus,

It kept us worlds apart.

But it wont last forever,

We are together in heart.

I think of you often,

Throughout the day and night.

I hope that you are safe and well,

I pray with all my might.

I miss you and I love you,

I know you miss me too.

But this won’t last forever,

That much is very true.

Please know that I am not alone,

If I need a friend or two.

There are many people here for me,

For when I’m feeling blue.

People who will hold my hand,

Or lend a listening ear.

People who will make me smile,

Or laugh if I shed a tear.

My carers can’t replace you,

But they do try their best.

To lift our spirits high,

When life puts us to the test.

So please smile when you read this,

Know that I am okay.

Although I cannot see you,

I think of you each day.

So in this card I’m sending,

Lots of love to you.

Until this storm’s over,

And the rainbow shines through.

Leah, Staff Nurse, Barton Brook Care Home