A Reflection on World Patient Safety Day

On Tuesday, 17 September, we celebrated World Patient Safety Day globally. The day, created by the World Health Organisation, aimed to create awareness of patient safety and encourage global commitment to making healthcare safer.

Here in Salford, we went out and about at the Shopping Centre and Salford Royal Hospital to hear your thoughts on patient safety.

Our aim was to find out how safe people felt the last time health and care services were used in Salford.

We received a variety of responses from the people we spoke to, with a mix of positive thoughts and future improvements. Over 40% of the people we surveyed said they felt ‘very safe’ the last time they used health and care services in Salford.

Here are just some of the comments we collected on the day about health and care services in Salford.  


I was given information, asked relevant questions and felt I could ask questions if needed.”


“Salford Royal Foundation Trust treatment has been excellent.”


“The aftercare from my operation was fantastic.”


“I was seen quickly, but felt I could be more involved in decisions.”

However, we also found that not all patients we spoke to felt that safe in the services they had used. This highlighted the importance of our health and care partners continuing on the journey to make Salford the safest health and care economy in the UK.

The work across our priorities will continue, underpinned by three core principles; to use and develop the latest thinking in safety, joint working and integration across the health and social care system and to capture learning from improvement initiatives.

You can find out how we are doing so far and more about the work that we are doing on our priorities here.