Event Blog: Safer Leadership Summit

“Safer Leadership changed the way I view healthcare”
Jim Corcoran

Beginning in April 2016, Salford partners; Salford Clinical Commissioning Group, Salford City Council, Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust, Greater Manchester West Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust, Salford Together and Haelo, embarked on an ambitious improvement programme to make Salford the safest health and social care system in the UK. Over the next 2 years, health and care partners across Salford will build on learning from the successful Making Safety Visible programme.

Safer Leadership developed and working with partners aims to inspire leaders across Salford to think and act differently to bring about city wide change. Changing how we think, so we can change how we act.

Using the Measurement and Monitoring of Safety Framework, leaders will be challenged to reframe their perception of safety by assessing the health and care system through three lenses, Past, Present and Future.

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Abigail Harrison, Director of Innovation at Haelo, opens the summit with a review of the aims of the programme and leads our non ice-breaker exercise using the framework underpinning the whole Safer Salford programme the Measuring and Monitoring of Safety Framework.

Is Our Culture Changing?

After feedback Abigail introduces our first activity of the day where our leaders are asked to revisit the Maturity Matrix in relation to their organisational settings, discovering any new understanding learnt from the programme.

Abigail now asks the groups to share their understanding of their organisational rating in relation to the Maturity Matrix.

System Wide Safety

Jo Evans, Senior Improvement Advisor and Safer Salford Lead, now asks the group to move around the room to discuss what we mean by safety, what individuals can do and how they can contribute with the ultimate goal of agreeing a set of safety pledges that staff across the whole health and care economy can sign up to. We now have a lively discussion on the changing healthcare landscape for Salford and how this will look moving forward.

The Story So Far

We’re back from lunch with a short session opened by Francine Thorpe, Director of Quality and Innovation at Salford Clinical Commissioning Group who introduces Abigail Harrison. Abigail describes Safer Salford: the story so far exploring the original aim of the programme and the framework underpinning Safer Salford.


Individual Presentations

We now move into individual presentations with the aim being to share how Safer Leadership has impacted on teams actions. First up is Integrated Medicines headed up by Lindsay Harper, Director of Pharmacy at Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust, who discusses how Safer Leadership has impacted on the Safer Medicines programme.

Siobhan Moran, Assistant Director of Quality Improvement at Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust, acting in a “critical friend” role describes being really impressed with the work and that it “is hard to be critical.” The integrated approach was praised by Siobhan who stated that this work was leading the way in Greater Manchester.

Next up we have Continuity of Care with GP Dr Mhairi Yates and Harry Golby from Salford Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG). Their presentation starts with Mhairi posing the question “Who has been with their GP for over 10 years?” with many in the room raising their hands. This, Mhairi says, is the purpose of their project; relationship continuity, management continuity and information continuity. Siobhan Moran now offers her services, expressing her previous experience with this subject.

Following is Karen Hodgetts, Greater Manchester Mental Health Trust, who discusses the integration between the Integrated Care Organisation (ICO) and mental health, meeting the mental health needs of the population. Mental health services inclusion in neighbour and crisis teams have begun but unsure of what level of services are needed.

Dr Mhairi Yates presents again in her capacity as Medical Director of Salford Primary Care Together discusses how quality pillars have lead to safety becoming embedded in primary care through Primary Care Together Business Cycle with projects such as developing a neighbourhood dashboard starting.

Ilse Burger, Stroke Consultant at Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust (SRFT), whose project focusses on implementation of a Clinical Fellow Rotation in the stroke department to reduce locum agency and improve safety through training. Ilse updates the group that the project plan is in place and key learning includes; having clear objectives and the need for persistency! Siobhan Moran describes the project as a “no brainer” and asks Ilse what the barriers were getting the project to this stage. Ilse describes stakeholder engagement as a barrier and that establishing project team and having a systemic approach has overcome the initial challenges.

Making Health and Social Care Safer in Salford

After a quick coffee break, we are back watching our latest film: Making Health & Social Care Safer in Salford. Watch below:

Safer Leadership Panel

We are now hosting our Leadership Panel chaired by Jeremy Tankel, Clinical Lead for Quality and Safety at Salford CCG with James Sumner, Chief Officer at SRFT, Gill Green Director of Operations and Nursing at Greater Manchester Mental Health Trust and Chris Evans Managing Director at Salford Integrated Care Organisation. Discussions start around terminology and the lack of consistency and potentially exclusive nature of language. The panel now discusses the inclusion of mental health with all panel members agreeing the benefits of shared understanding and joined up approach to patient safety including the rise of multi-disciplinary groups.

Topics discussed include leadership, terminology, ICO, mental health, transparency, data, sharing learning, regulators and care homes with a energetic discussion.

Francine Thorpe now gives her closing remarks and poses the question; is Salford safer? Francine believes it is. “This is only the start of the journey.”

“Moment to align, to get better going forward” Siobhan Moran

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Safer Leadership Summit Prezi

Ilse Burger Presentation

Karen Hodgetts Presentation

Lindsay Harper Presentation

Mhairi Yates Presentation