Safer Intelligence Dashboard Launch Event

Today the Safer Salford team were proud to launch the new Safer Intelligence dashboard. Subject matter experts and senior leaders from across the Salford Health and Care economy were welcomed to Haelo headquarters for a workshop to get hands-on with the dashboard and decide the ‘who, when and where’ of how the dashboard will be implemented.

The dashboard encourages viewers to ask “what can we learn about safety?” and “are we getting safer?” It delivers a small selection of data on specific harms (falls and medication errors) and broad themes (resilient operations and behaviours) to give an oversight of how systems are interacting and whether people are becoming safer.

Participants in today’s workshop were asked to become ‘dashboard champions’ and take the dashboard back to their places of work, start using the data and feed back to Haelo on how we can improve the dashboard further. You can visit the Safer Intelligence Dashboard here. If you have any comments or questions please email