Building on the successful Making Safety Visible programme, our aim is to inspire leaders across Salford to think and act differently to bring about city wide change.

Using the Measurement and Monitoring of Safety Framework, participants will be challenged to reframe their perception of safety by assessing the health and care system through three lenses, Past, Present and Future. Through collaborative learning and knowledge sharing, this programme aims to create a community of leaders who will work together to champion change and improvement across Salford.

Delivery of Safer Leadership is supported by funding from the Health Foundation as part of a partnership project to share learning from use of the Measurement and Monitoring of Safety Framework in practice. For more information about this work visit

Safer Leadership Learning Session 1 – learning from past harm
Safer Leadership Learning Session 2 – thinking about safety today “sensitivity to operations”
Safer Leadership Learning Session 3 – predicting and preventing harm
Safer Leadership Summit – bringing it all together

Maturity Matrix