As a patient transitions between different care providers and settings, it is critical that there are systems in place to ensure all necessary information is transferred with them. Medical and surgical doctors, GPs, acute and community nurses, carers, radiologists and physiotherapists are but a few examples of the different professionals a patient may meet.

The Safer Handover programme aims to investigate how patients and information used by clinicians involved in providing their care is communicated through the system, with an initial focus on interactions between primary and secondary care. This learning will inform delivery of an improvement programme, led by health and care professionals, to develop a holistic and effective approach for patients during each aspect of their patient journey.

At the Safer Handover event in May, the following Value Statement was agreed as a clear aim and guiding principle for the programme:

“All information relevant to my care must be reliably communicated to me and those supporting me in a clear, accurate and unambiguous manner. It must be readily available and ensure that responsibility for actions are clearly set out.”


The Safer Handover update event blog is available here.


Focus: Referral from primary to secondary care

Focus: Transfer of care from secondary to primary care

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