Of the 242,000 people currently living in Salford, 14% are over 65 years old, with approximately 1,400 people living in elderly care homes.

Having identified an opportunity to work together, a number of Salford care homes will participate in a year long programme to facilitate improvement in safety for residents and staff. Using the Breakthrough Series Collaborative model to support improvement, care homes will share learning, build their understanding of safety culture and develop improvement capability of staff, focusing specifically on:

  • Reducing Falls
  • Medication safety
  • Pressure ulcer prevention

Collaborative Launch
Safer Care Homes – the story so far…. Blog Post
Learning Session 1
Learning Session 2
Learning Session 2 Feedback and Analysis
Learning Session 2 Overview Datasheet
Learning Session 3
Learning Session 3 Feedback and Analysis
Learning Session 3 Overview Datasheet
Safer Care Homes Summit Event Blog and Feedback

Salford Care Homes Excellence Programme – Event Blog

Overall Collaborative Data Sheet

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