Event Blog: Safer Leadership Learning Session 2

Beginning in April 2016, Salford partners; Salford Clinical Commissioning Group, Salford City Council, Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust, Greater Manchester West Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust and Haelo, embarked on an ambitious improvement programme to make Salford the safest health and social care system in the UK. Over the next 2 years, health and social care partners across Salford will build on learning from the successful Making Safety Visible programme.

Safer Leadership developed and working with partners aims to inspire leaders across Salford to think and act differently to bring about city wide change. Changing how we think, so we can change how we act.

Using the Measurement and Monitoring of Safety Framework, leaders will be challenged to reframe their perception of safety by assessing the health and care system through three lenses, Past, Present and Future.

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As part of the Safer Leadership Learning Session 2, leaders from across the health and social care economy visited various health and social care settings which differed from their own working environment and were asked to observe with a focus on present harms and sensitivity to operations, a core component of the Measurement and Monitoring of Safety Framework. These “insightful” and “fascinating” site visits in the morning which ranged from Salford GP Practices, Care Homes and Acute Settings enthused the Safer Leadership participants who bought that energy into the rest of the day.

The Safer Leadership cohort reassembled at The Lowry and began to debrief the mornings observation where participants were able to network with other teams and share their experiences and learning.

Next up was Charles Vincent, Emeritus Professor Clinical Safety Research at Imperial College London and the main author of the Measurement and Monitoring of Safety Framework who spoke on Sensitivity to Operations in relation to present harm.

Charles began by recapping the aim of the programme in relation to ‘Is Care Safe Today?’ Including; acting on information, briefings, patient safety officers/‘champions’, walk-arounds, quick response and patient interviews. Charles then progressed to discussing Reliability which included systems, process measures – audits and human behaviour.

Director of Quality and Innovation at Salford Clinical Commissioning Group, Francine Thorpe then presented discussing system leadership for safety.

Great final discussions as the teams open up on the positives and negatives of the site visits including perceived assurances, blame culture and the risk the frontline staff take on everyday.

Haelo Chief Executive Maxine Power gives her reflections on the teams presentations. Imploring the benefits of “cross system learning” and highlighting a key quote from the site visits ‘you don’t know what you don’t know’ is now normalised in their environment. Maxine expresses the positive effects of being able to “move around the system and learn.” “The culture is inspection based, taken away permission.”

Anthony Hassall, Chief Accountable Officer at Salford CCG summed up the essence of the day in the Safer Leadership film “Don’t wait for permission, just get on and do it!”

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Safer Leadership Learning Session 2 Prezi

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