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Between 2016 and 2018, 9 care homes participated in an improvement collaborative to reduce harm. Using the Breakthrough Series Collaborative model to support improvement, care homes share learning at peer site visits, built understanding of safety culture and developed improvement capability of staff, focusing specifically on:

  • Reducing Falls
  • Medication safety
  • Pressure ulcer prevention

Improvement toolkit

Participating care homes have captured their learning from this programme in a “Safer Care Homes Toolkit”, which documents how they followed six steps to improvement and highlights learning from tests of change to reduce falls and introduce safety huddles.

Click here to download the Safer Care Homes Improvement Toolkit

Collaborative events

Collaborative Launch
Safer Care Homes – the story so far…. Blog Post
Learning Session 1
Learning Session 2
Learning Session 2 Feedback and AnalysisLearning Session 2 Overview Datasheet
Learning Session 3
Learning Session 3 Feedback and Analysis
Learning Session 3 Overview Datasheet
Safer Care Homes Summit Event Blog and Feedback

Safer Care Homes Resources

Data Collection Form
Process Mapping Guide
PDSA Template
Safer Care Homes Monthly Report
Change Ideas for Safer Care Homes
Measurement and Strategy Driver Diagram
Overall Collaborative Data Sheet
Event Feedback and Analysis