Building on learning from the successful Making Safety Visible programme, Safer Salford will utilise the “Measuring and Monitoring of Safety framework” (Vincent et al, 2013) which will underpin the development of a new “Safety Improvement Plan.”

In the last decade in the UK there has been a huge volume of data collected on medical error and harm to patients, as well as a number of tragic cases of healthcare failure and a growing volume of government reports on the need to make care safer. Despite this, we still don’t know how safe care really is. Assessing safety by what has happened in the past does not give us the whole picture nor does it tell us how safe care is now or will be in the future.

The principles and learning from the framework have been tested in a number of diverse clinical settings and organisations. Experiences from this have been condensed into helpful case studies and templates to support you to learn more about the potential of the framework. To access this e-guide click here.

The Measurement and Monitoring of Safety
  • Past Harm Has patient care been safe in the past?

  • Reliability Are our clinical systems and processes reliable?

  • Sensitivity to Operations Is care safe today?

  • Anticipation and Preparedness Will care be safe in the future?

  • Learning and Integration Are we responding and improving?

The Measurement and Monitoring of Safety